Thursday, October 23, 2008


Maybe it's the unseasonably warm weather, maybe it's the depressed & stagnant economy (mine even moreso than the USA's), I don;t know for sure, but this election campaign is starting to feel like another endless ALCS postseason between a team from a depressed industrial city vs. a team from a Florida retirement suburb - or maybe more like the middle rounds of a stupefyingly boring heavyweight title fight, something along the lines of a Trevor Berbick vs. Gerrie Coetzee match. Both fighters come out of their corners for a few minutes of sparring every few weeks, neither making much contact, then scuttle back to their corners. The ring card girl is from Alaska. So far, Obama has not been Muhammed Ali, more like a Ken Norton: skilled & efficient but not as charismatic as we'd hoped. At the end of the torpid fight, Jerry "Quarry" McCain can't lift his arms. Obama in a 53%/47% "KO." Phillies in five.


katie grace mcgowan said...
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katie grace mcgowan said...

The dull middle rounds comparison is apt. The media coverage of the election (or more specifically Palin’s wardrobe, McCain’s wife, Obama’s radical associates…) has reached saturation point. Discussing the deluge has even become a chestnut for journalists nationwide.

Still at hand is the potential disaster of letting go. It’s time for some Mayweather, Jr. attitude, some Klitschko strength and some Ali panache. Obama, come on baby—please, take off those gloves.

Jon said...

Katie's exhortation to Barack to "Obama, come on baby—please, take off those gloves" is quite understandable given how dire things are on the planet, but as his deliberate, reasoned march to the presidency proceeds, he appears clearly to be more Adlai Stevenson than Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini.

It will be very strange indeed to have an intellectual in the White House after the past eight years should the polls be correct. Rasmussen, a GOP polling operation, as of two hours ago, puts Obama in with 313 electoral votes, if leaning Dem states are included in the tabulations. Click here for the latest.