Wednesday, August 27, 2008

outside the convention hall

Where is today's Senator Ribicoff?
Somebody tell the media to look outside the convention hall:

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Jon said...

Bebop -

Brett Story's introduction to his video, "Dissent in Denver," states that "an intensive effort by the Democratic Party to keep protesters out of the media eye raised the question of the efficacy and meaning of protest at the 2008 DNC."

About which there is no doubt: the security perimeter that extends for blocks in all directions from the Pepsi Center and the time required to cover the distance to then go through long lines to get into the Green Zone of the convention both inhibit coverage by smaller credentialed media organizations of what's outside the scripted space of the official Convention.

Not to say the 'MSM'[buzzword abbreviation of the 'Blogosphere' - MSM = Main Stream Media] isn't a bit too cozy and comfortable reporting what's most obvious and put before them.

There are hundreds of bloggers operating on both sides of the perimeter, and those set up in The Big Tent and from independent positions across the city and globe are hopefully covering aspects of the convention ignored and overlooked by MSM.

Final note, in all fairness: the Denver Post, hometown paper to the host city, has provided ample, it not always the most incisive, coverage of the convention this week, including stories about the protests.

Thanks for the link to the video. Hope to see you back here for more discussion.