Friday, September 5, 2008

Are you guys freaking out as much as me?

So is it just me freaking out here? Usually I have a lot longer time to look at someone's face before I draw it and this one just like appeared KAZAM! and I wasn't even home, was at a really long dog show and then I get home and it's like, here. Draw her. Since you broke both your cameras and it's down to all pens and paper now, all the time. I'm like YAY she was a MISS CONGENIALITY OF Miss Alaska. Will be EASY to draw. And maybe even end up being a president in the sad or happy case of President John McCain dying of natural or unnatural causes. Would we be sad or happy about that? I am totally confused now. A religous Alaskan now could be our president instead of Barack? What the hell happened here, I was only gone for a few days??

Look at her little oil sniffer. That little sniffer can sniff out oil All over the place! And her big smiley fangs, so white and smiley they are calling her Sarah Barracuda! Little glimmer in her eye. And has all those kids and even a baby and no bags under her eyes that I can find ANYWHERE! Is that nice Alaska clean air? No damaging particles? Her skin Way Better than mine and we are ALMOST same age but HA! I am actually younger than you Sarah Palin. Um, take that? OK. Wow. Official freaking out over here at my house.


Scott MacLeod said...

She has kind of a porn actress kind of thing about her. It's kind of sexy yet nauseating. Like wanting to fuck your mom's friend. Or thinking those kinds of thoughts about your third grade teacher - forty years later. It's the kind of thing that gets Bob Packwood & Bill Clinton in trouble. Maybe she's Monica Lewinsky, slimmed & toned & just a little work & makeup. Maybe it's a makeup thing; I am clueless about makeup. Anyway it's kind of sexy yet nauseating yet sexy yet nauseating. Yet sexy.

katie grace mcgowan said...
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katie grace mcgowan said...

Speaking of porn and the leitmotif of “guns, drugs, and pussy”, every time I see McCain and Palin together, I get new ideas for daddy/daughter porn. Perfect, right? The respected war hero and his spunky little girl leading the U.S. of A? Come on, if that’s not good material, what is? McCain’s Agnew is a lot cuter than Nixon’s, plus she’d be a better camping companion than the hatchet man. What better way to prove the Republican party is ready for a female in the White House than to pair the old patriarch with a hot young thing with a sassy lil’ mouth on her and less political experience than all of her predecessors?

Like Mark NeuCollins, I am in awe of Palin’s ability to field-dress a moose [albeit a different variety of awe, me thinks]. Now THAT is the kind of skill we need in a VP. I’d sure like a her on my arm at the rodeo or down ‘the local VFW knockin’ back some swill. Or maybe, Scott, the three of us could sniff some glue and see where it takes us…

But yeah, speakin’ a that thar' eee-lection--perhaps it says something about me rather than the candidate, but I can’t get her out of my head. The Sarah Palin speech from the other night sent me reeling. Angrily focusing on the lies and hyperbole of Mayor, errr, Governor, Palin’s performance has become yet another bad habit. BUT, Palin IS A GOOD MOTHER. That’s all that matters, no?

And Scott, please don’t use her name in the same sentence as Ms. Tammy Faye. At least the latter redeemed herself by accepting “the gays”. Word.